Parastone’S wants to thank several persons:


In the first place our kennel-handler Rudi Stiphout. Rudi handles already for years exclusively Parastone’S American Staffordshire Terriers. His qualities are unmistakable. During his youth Rudi became Dutch Champion Junior-Handler en represented both the Netherlands and Monaco at the Crufts. Impressing results, but we respect Rudi even more because of his personality and the way he works with our dogs. Rudi brings the best in our Parastone’S AmStaff’s. His love for them is enormous, in the ring and outside the ring. All our dogs feel comfortable nearby Rudi. They know exactly what he wants. This is called a real handler with all meaning. During the years Rudi also became a real friend. He supported us during good and bad times. All of this makes Rudi the best handler a kennel can wish for. Thanks Rudi for your expertise and friendship.


In the second place we want to thank Martijn van Lankveld for his realization of this web-site. Martijn spend quit some hours and had to face a lot of comments (grin) to make this site to this spectacular presentation of the Parastone’S Kennel. Thanks Martijn, we hope you enjoyed making it despite the lots of work. We think your result is super.


In the third place we want to thank all the judges, both conformation as temperament, who during the years appreciated the qualities of our Parastone’S AmStaff’s. Among others they made it possible that our passion evolved to the national and international profile we are today.


Last but not least we want to thank all the people who gave us their trust during the years to extend their family situation with a suitable AmStaff. For us it’s a pleasure to see both human and animal having fun and living together. Thanks for all the love and care which you all overload our Parastone’S AmStaff’s. You’re all true ambassadors of our breed.